Coworking spaces are nowadays steadily gaining more and more popularity. The aim of this project is to create optimal conditions for people who work in an office. This project envisages the design of a separate building that would serve the purposes for the aspiring entrepreneurs (start-ups and freelancers). The house offers space options for start-ups, as well as for larger growing companies with an increasing number of employees. The main purpose of this building is to create a suitable and favourable working environment. Creating the conditions that would allow the employees to fully focus, and thus result in desired productivity, plays a crucial role in this project. Last but not least, it is also about stimulating social interaction, which leads to creating a healthy community. The design also includes regeneration and relaxation areas. The mass of the house is designed to proportionally fit the existing buildings in the Holešovice block. In order to maintain an alternation of the darker and lighter facades of the block, black masonry was chosen as the cladding material for the facade of the house. As an expressive element, we opted for an orange anodized aluminium to create a contrast on the regular raster facade. On the ground floor of the building is a cafe, which serves for leisure time relaxation, and as well provides space for working on a laptop. On the upper floors are situated closed and open offices with common areas that provide opportunities for relaxation and building social relationships among the building’s users. The top floor serves the purposes of the so-called regeneration floor, the main function of which is to replenish the employees’ work energy. Visitors will find here an exercise room, showers, a relaxation room for potential overnight stays, a kitchen, as well as a passage to a terrace with a view of Holešovice.






Coworking center

Holešovice, Prague, CR

1586 m2

Office building


Project Coworking center

Location Holešovice, Prague, CR

Size 1586 m2

Typology Office building

Year 2019