We are colleagues and longtime friends for whom architecture is one of the biggest passions in life. Our goal is to create quality, unique designs tailored to our clients.

We approach each project individually, responsibly and with due respect. We care about both the satisfaction of our customers and a better overall environment, which we influence with our proposals. Therefore, in our projects, we focus on both the aesthetic side and the economic aspects and functionality of the building as a whole. The result of our work are aesthetic, functional and efficient buildings that improve the lives of their users.

Our repertoire mainly includes family houses, extensions, interiors and reconstructions. We also have experience with apartment complexes and civil buildings. We remain faithful to our projects and clients from the first sketches to implementation and successful approval.


Ing. arch. Cyril Malčenko

Architecture and design have been something I’ve enjoyed since childhood and I never hesitated in which direction I wanted to go. Even during my studies I tried to gain first experience in the field. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I began to gain my first practice in the offices of architectural studios.

During this period, I was able to grasp the experience of designing all scales, from mini lounges and small interiors to designing urban development plans in competitions of property developers. I consider all these experiences to be very valuable, which have significantly shifted my perspective on the work of an architect.                                                                                                                


2008 – 2012 Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Prague

2012 – 2019 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture

Work experience:

2016 – 2017 Capexus

2017 – 2018 Toulec architects

2018 – PS architects

2019 – cooperation with Lukáš Janout architects and MP archi


Ing. arch. Jakub Bilan

Whether it was Lego houses or building a fort with friends in the woods, I always loved to create and build something as a child. And most of all, I enjoyed seeing the finished work. That initial enthusiasm has stayed with me to this day and is the engine that drives me into new projects.

I am an architect who is not afraid of challenges, and I have had the opportunity to work both in Czech studios and in the renowned Polish studio KWK Promes, where I worked on the project Reconstruction of Ostrava Slaughterhouse (the project succeeded in Czech national architectural competitions and is nominated for various international ones). Since 2020 I have been working on my own projects and realisations.


2008 -2012 Juliusz Słowacki Polish Grammar School, Český Těšín

2012 -2018 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture

Work experience:

2014-2017 Cieślararchitects

2017 -2018 MS architects

2018 – 2020 KWK Promes Robert Konieczny