This project concerns the reconstruction of a historic house in the Fryštát district of the town of Karviná. The client’s wish was to accommodate three residential units and a space for hosting events within a relatively small house. However, the existing house was not suitable for this purpose in terms of layout and technical considerations. Therefore, a solution involving a lightweight extension that wouldn’t overly burden the existing foundation was chosen. The result is a house that meets contemporary technical and thermal requirements while preserving its historical character. The first floor includes a hall with a kitchenette and a 1-bedroom apartment with barrier-free access. On the second floor, there are 2 and 3-bedroom apartments designed for couples and young families.



Land plot




Reconstruction in Karviná


997 m2

Reconstruction of a Family House

2021 (design project)

Under construction

Project Reconstruction in Karviná

Location Karviná

Size 997 m2

Typology Reconstruction of a Family House

Year 2021 (design project)

Status Under construction