The main wish of the investor was to design a simple extension – an expansion of the children’s room and ensure future privacy for both children. Thanks to the solution of a lightweight structure as a wooden construction, this wish was successfully realized with minimal impact and the need for extensive modifications to the entire building. As a result, the construction only took 2 months. As part of the planned modifications, there was also a minor adjustment to the existing layout, a new roof layer, and a new interior design. Exposing the existing rafters in the living room will lead to an optical enlargement and ventilation of the room. The space will be newly illuminated by roof windows and connected to the outdoors through a sliding portal.







Reconstruction  in Vrané n. Vltavou

Vrané nad Vltavou

454 m2

House extension


under construction

Project Reconstruction  in Vrané n. Vltavou

Location Vrané nad Vltavou

Size 454 m2

Typology House extension

Year 2022

Status under construction