This is a design for a family house with a single residential unit and rooms for short-term rental purposes. The building is located in the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area at the foothills of the mountains and is partially situated on a slope, allowing access from both the ground floor (1st floor) and the upper floor (2nd floor). The shape of the house was chosen to meet the functional requirements of the client while naturally blending in with the surrounding buildings and the mountainous character of the area. A rectangular footprint was chosen, with the longer side facing the valley, and a notable gable facing perpendicular to the valley.



Land plot



Family House in the Village of Řeka

Řeka (CR)

1273 m²

Family house


Project Family House in the Village of Řeka

Location Řeka (CR)

Size 1273 m²

Typology Family house

Year 2021