The site is located in the Dutch city of Rotterdam’s Agniesebuurt district. The proposed set of buildings is conceived as a continuous linear mass that surrounds the site, creating a semi-enclosed space for a courtyard. At the intersection of Vijerhofstraat and Zomerhofstraat streets, there is a 6-storey elevated segment with a passage to the courtyard. The rest of the linear mass is 4 storeys high. The terraces are situated on the 4th storey. On the ground floor of the complex are situated commercial areas, such as office spaces, shops, and a cafe. The remaining floors consist of flats. All living rooms are oriented to the street. Bedrooms and workrooms are oriented towards the courtyard. Apartments’ entrances are equipped with tool sheds and bin rooms. Currently, there is an abundant number of outdoor parking lots on the site. All parking lots of the designed complex are oriented to the underground floor.






Apartment block in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

15 000 m2

Residential complex


Project Apartment block in Rotterdam

Location Rotterdam, Netherlands

Size 15 000 m2

Typology Residential complex

Year 2017